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Gradient Generator for Unity

Gradient Generator for Unity

Gradients Generated by tool

When working in Unity you might find yourself in need of a gradient texture. Of course you can go online and look for a good one, or open your favourite art software to create it yourself, but wouldn’t it be nice to just generate a gradient from inside Unity?
So let’s see how this works!

The idea is to generate a texture based on an Animation Curve which samples colours from a gradient. In this way, you have full control of the final generated gradient.
I integrated the following modes: Linear, Circular, Radial, Blend, Perlin Noise and Random Noise. The tool contains a preview section which shows immediate updates, if you are satisfied with the preview, you can click the Generate Gradient button and a texture asset will be added to your project.

Grab the unity package here for free:

Or checkout the whole project on gitlab:

Article by: Valentijn Muijrers

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